Dzogchen Meditation LA

Dzogchen, or the "Great Perfection", is considered by many to be the apex of Tibetan Buddhism.
Natural Perfection presents the radical precepts of Dzogchen, pointing the way to absolute liberation from conceptual fetters and leading the practitioner to a state of pure, natural integration into one's true being.

Mind Training is a practice in the Buddhist tradition. Through the practice we undertake to connect with our world in an unconditionally positive way, and also to take full responsibility for our experience of it.
Unlike many practices, it does not require that you sign on to a particular system of beliefs, nor is it something that you can only do on your meditation cushion. In fact, the best practice is often done out in the world, with exactly those people and situations that upset and challenge you the most.

"Global Truth" or "Natural Great Perfection"

This innate Deep Wisdom and Loving Kindness can only arise, when we become quiet and let go at least for a moment of the internal discursive chatter, the often ruthless self dialogue. And finally listen to who we truly are !